Halaal Food in the Garden Route

Halaal food in the Garden Route & Sunshine Coast

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This post covers halaal food in the Garden Route & Sunshine Coast – from George to Grahamstown. It is not a comprehensive list. I have not been to all of these restaurants.

Please verify status when visiting.

Halaal food in Jeffreys Bay

Jeffrey’s Bay is known for its surfing waves. Halaal food is not easy to find here but its not impossible. When visiting this town recently I asked my followers on @southafricahalaal for recommendations. Nothing came up for Jeffreys Bay although there were recommendations for places in Port Elizabeth, Knysna and George. I tried Googling it but nothing came up.

On our first day there we visited the KFC but the staff there had no idea what halaal was . We then went to the McDonalds at Fountain Mall. They had a halaal certificate from MJC. On our second day, while driving through the town, we spotted a small takeaway called Fatima’s Food and Spices with a halaal sign. We bought some slap chips from there. They also sell other fast foods and curries.

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Besides the above, there is a Fishaways and an Ocean Basket (it does serve alcohol though).

Where to stay in Jeffrey’s Bay
Supertubes Guest House Villa

Halaal food in Plettenberg Bay

  • The KFC in the Market Square shopping centre has a halaal certificate.
    Shop G 01, Market Square Shopping Centre
  • Popeyes on Main Take Aways (Muslim-owned). Contact 084 507 2059
  • Layla – Home-cooked meals 0829277169

Where to stay in Plettenberg Bay

The Plettenberg
Sky Villa Boutique Hotel

Halaal food in Knysna

  • KFC – Cnr Montagu, Main Rd, Knysna
  • Amazen Foods – 20 Gray Street
  • Mashaa Allah Cafe – A Somali cafe serving fast food.
  • Oriental Cafe on Main road is Muslim owned and serves fast food.
  • Zam Zam – Main Road, St Georges Square – 081 271 2504
  • Hungry Lion, Shop A8, Knysna Square, Cnr Nelson & St George Street
  • Sailor Sam – Only seafood sold. No alcohol.

Where to stay in Knysna
The Lofts Boutique Hotel

Halaal food in George

  • Nandos, 74 Knysna Street, 044 871 0056
  • Burger King, Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre
  • MK Halaal Foods, Shamrock Building, 97 York Street – 082 398 3224
  • Barcelos, 41 Knysna Road, Levallia – 044 871 1516
  • Wild Bean Cafe – BP Oasis, N2
  • Fish Palace, Nelson Mandela Boulevard, George Industria – 044 875 8786 
  • KFC – Garden Route Mall
  • KFC -26 Courttenay Street
  • KFC – York Street 
  • McDonalds, Garden Route Mall
  • Kababish 0685169193
  • Fusion Foods – Shaista Nanabhai -23 Meade Street, George South, George, PH: 0749464619
  • Zainubs Kitchen (Home cooked meals) – 0836742287
  • Meelas Delights – 3 Fabriek Street 0448845287 or 0814031365
  • Hungry Lion, Shoprite Centre, Market Street, George
  • Asmas foods 0847777799

  • Nanabhai Halaal Foods, George – 0749464619

Halaal food in Grahamstown

  • Danka’s Halaal Eatery , 14 New Street, Grahamstown, Zubair Danka 0736057888
  • Fareegh Halaal Butchery, 38a Market St, George Central, George, Phone: 064 690 6185
  • Khan’s Meat & Eats, Shop No.2 Kirstenhof, Knysna Road(opp Tile Africa), George
    084 209 0115 / 082 356 6839 / 044 871 5374

Halaal food in Mossel Bay

Bayside Diner

Shop 1, Bayside Shopping Centre, Cnr. Bland &, Church St, Mossel Bay Central, Mossel Bay
Phone: 044 000 1001

More halaal food in Garden Route via Alhidaya

Halaal food - Garden Route


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  1. Updated.Nov 2020
    Mumbai restaurant in George is not muslim owned and not halaal. Halaal places in George are kababish 0685169193, Asmas foods 0847777799, zainubs and Meelas 0448845287 or 0814031365
    Plettenburg bay. Layla 0829277169
    Knysna. Zam zam

      1. Thanks. This will help me alot for my garden route trip this weekend

    1. Salaams. I found this. Not sure if it still exists.
      Zane’s Halaal Fast Foods & Fisheries
      Street:6 CATHCART STPostcode/City:7230 Caledon
      Phone:028 212 3229
      Phone:028 214 1247

  2. Fishline Fisheries in Knysna
    Sell alcohol as well as meat products
    So not Halaal

  3. Assalamualaikum
    Anything halaal in St Francis Bay?

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