A Muslim Guide to the N3 Route

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Compiled by Cii Radio

The N3 is a national route in South Africa that connects Johannesburg and Durban,respectively South Africa’s largest and third-largest cities. Johannesburg is the financial and commercial heartland of South Africa, while Durban is South Africa’s key port and one of the busiest ports in the Southern Hemisphere and is also a popular holiday destination. Durban is also the point through which Johannesburg imports and exports most of its goods. As a result, the N3 is a very busy carriageway that experiences a high volume of traffic throughout the year, and more so during holiday periods.

Inevitably, there are many Muslims who would traverse this highway on a regular basis, and hence Cii Radio has taken the initiative to highlight important Muslim landmarks along this route, to serve as a ready reference for any Muslim traveller seeking Salaah facilities, Halaal food or emergency assistance.

Should you like to add further information to the following directory, kindly email the details to news@ciibroadcasting.com and comment below.



Town Masjid – Van der Westhuizen Street

Easily accessible from the highway – approximately 2.5km from N3 .

Jummah Salaam at 1pm on Fridays. Masjid closed at times other than Salaah.

Ladies facilities available. Muezzin resides on site.


Shalimah Gardens Masjid

Approximately 5km from N3.

Jummah Salaah at 1pm on Fridays. Masjid closed at times other than Salaah.

Ladies facilities available. Muezzin resides on site.


Halaal Food:

Mochachos, Heidelberg Mall

Pepperdew, Shalimah Gardens




Call 083 78666 48/ 084 78666 48/ 083 787 6648



Salaah facility:

Ebees Cash and Carry(Main Street)

Musalla adjoins shop

Open for every Salaah until Maghrib. If ever closed, keys are available on request. Separate ladies facility.

Ablution blocks for males and females.

Jummuah Azaan 12.30 Khutbah 12.55

Emergency contact:

Ebrahim: 082 493 1164/082 0811 583



Salaah Facility:

Piet Retief Street( Opposite Pharmacy 4-5km from N3) .All Salaahs including Jummuah performed. Jummuah Khutbah 12.30. Ladies and wudhu facilities available.


Salaah Facilities:

Masjid Noor

15 Warden Street – 400m off the N3 – Take Warden Street offramp.

Open for all Salaahs. Even when closed, neighbours will open on request.

Ladies facility available.

Jummah Azaan 12.30 Lecture 12.45 Khutbah 13.00 Salaah 13.05

Free lunch for all every week after Jummah

Musalla at Wrap it Up 

With ladies musallah and ablution facilities available, both on the N3 (details below)

Halaal Food:

Wrap it Up

At Engen Bergview Complex

Coming from Johannesburg, take Warden Street Off Ramp(1st exit) Coming from Johannesburg, take Warden Street Off Ramp(2nd exit). Turn right at end of road Open 6.30-midnight during peak holiday period Salaah facilities open as long as shop is open

Tel: 058 623 2123/058 622 1116

Wrap It UP


Yunus Moola: 083 225 0445



Ladysmith town is 18km off the N3. Will have to go through Tugela toll gate


Soofie Masjid(closest to highway-Soofie Road) Nearby Wimpy

Central Masjid

Murchison Road, pass by the police station Ladies Facilities available

Halaal Food:

Many outlets available


0800 N3 HELP (0800 63 4357)

Abed Carrim: 082 587 8602



Escourt Town is approximately 10km off N3 route


Escourt Town Masjid

134 Albert Street, pass by a KFC


0800 N3 HELP (0800 63 4357)




Mooi River Masjid

Masjid visible from Toll Plaza

Market Street, Mooi River


0800 N3 HELP (0800 63 4357)




Howick West Masjid (Most accessible)

Take Midmar Dam/Howick West Offramp

2-3km from N3

Ladies facilities and ample parking available Howick Town Masjid One of the Oldest Masaajid in KZN Take Tweedie/Howick North Offramp 5-6km from N3 to Masjid Jummuah Azaan 12.20 Salaah completed by 13.00 Ladies facilities available Masjid open for all Salaah.

Read about the Nelson Mandela Capture Site in Howick here.

Halaal Food:

Chicken Palace, Harvard Street, Howick

Honchos, In Save Supermarket, Harvard Street Howick Meat Centre, For Halaal Meat


Ismail/Ebrahim Ahmed: 083 786 7295



Take Exit 96 Cedara to reach Madressah Noor for the Blind A Masjid has not been erected yet on the premises, but Salaah facilities are available for both males and females.

The Madressah can be contacted on: 033 343 3301



From both the Durban or Johannesburg directions on the N3 one would take the Exit 57 to access Camperdown


Camperdown Jummuah Masjid

Approximately 0.5km from N3 offramp

Jummuah Azaan 12.15 Lecture 12.30 Khutbah 12.45

Ladies facilities available Masjid

Open For All Salaah

Ablution block and baby changing room also available

Darul Uloom Jummuah Khutbah 12.30


Contact any member from Muslim community

For accommodation near Camperdown, see Tala Private Game Reserve and Gwahumbe Game and Spa.

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