Halaal food in the Vaal

Halaal food in the Vaal area

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Halaal food in the Vaal area

Please verify halaal status as things may have changed

Debonairs in Bedworth Park
Kashmir Tikka
Vaal Takeaway
Chicken Licken (Vaal Mall)
Habby and Lace Coffee Shop

Caltex Filling Station at Washington Post as well as the Steers /Debonairs
Pedro’s on Voortrekker street.
KFC and Wimpy Roadhouse in Arcon park.
J& S Sushi

Cicis Italian
Smokey Joes (Weekends only)
Signature Eats (Weekends only)

Home cooks

Aunty Ferhana ( Ferhana Carrim Kalla) 072 029 0011
Fathema vahed (Olive and Thyme) 078 0660 353
Bibi Ayesha Desai 064 966 8044
Dvine treats 084 524 7861
Taz Foods 0760134346
Ayesha 0790534444


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