Halaal food in Namibia

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Please verify halaal status as it may have changed

Halaal food in Namibia
Food at Kabab House

Halaal food in Namibia is not that easy to find but what we discovered during our travels there, is that the Hungry Lion franchises are Halaal certified. At least, all those that we saw were. We had never had it in South Africa before but were pleasantly surprised after eating it in Namibia.  They are usually found in shopping centres, near the Shoprites.

Halaal food in Namibia
Hungry Lion

Other Halaal options

In Windhoek

Meats and More

Home-based catering. Call or Whatsapp 0812922142

Naadiya Ismael

Home-based. +264812922142

KK Halaal Kitchen

F345+V76, Mahatma Gandhi Street, Windhoek


We ate at a restaurant called Kabab House in Windhoek. It is opposite the Islamic Centre. This is a Pakistani restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. They sell dishes like butter chicken, beryani etc. The food is pricier than similar restaurants in South Africa and not as good, but it is a halaal option.

Find them at:  CNR: No. 143, Sam Nujoma Avenue, Windhoek

Halaal food in Namibia
Food at Kabab House

In Swakopmund


Besides the Hungry Lion, there is an Egyptian takeaway called Aladdin. They sell schwarmas and kebabs. We were there on a public holiday so they were closed.


There is a Fishaways in Platz Am Meer Mall. We ate there twice. The seafood was fresh and better than any Fishaways I’ve had in South Africa.

Halaal food in Namibia

There is an Ocean Basket- however they do sell alcohol.

Do you know of any other Halaal places in Namibia? Please comment below if you do.

For more information, contact the Namibian Halaal Authority on +264 81 475 8889 or

Click here to read about my travels in Namibia.

Follow South Africa Halaal for halal recipes and reviews.

Very important – Please read the comments below as well.

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  1. we are touring namibia end of dec/jan for 8 days, twyfeflotein, swamopmund and sossuvlei, wondering will it be possible to get halal food in these places, the first and last place as it’s in the wild all inclusive, but if we send request do they understand what’s halal?

    1. Aslm. I have mentioned the halaal places in Swakopmund in my article. You are not likely to find any halaal food in Sossusvlei. We didn’t. I didn’t go to Twyfelfontein but I doubt there’s anything halaal there unless there’s a hungry lion nearby. They are not likely to understand what’s halaal if you send them a request, so rather stick to seafood and vegetarian prepared separately from meat. For more about Namibia , have a look at my other blog posts here. . Enjoy your trip.

  2. As Salaam

    Halaal food is extremely difficult to find in Namibia. Even seafood cannot be assumed to be halaal.

    One should always confirm and verify

    a) If the calamari is fried in beer batter b) Ask if only french fries / chips are fried in the oil or is the same oil used to fry any other products
    c) Confirm if any wine is used in the sauces
    d) Opt for grilled fished rather than fried. Ask the chef to use a clean pan to prepare your fish
    e) In some restaurants meat and fish is grilled on the same grille
    f) When ordering toasted cheese sandwich, ask the chef to toast your sandwich in foil as bacon sandwiches are toasted on the same toaster. Let them bring it to you still wrapped and uncut.

    This is very common and not only done in Namibia but throughout the world.

    Just something to note.

    The Egyptian takeaway called Aladdin gets their meat product from Swakopmond abattoirs. This was confirmed by the staff. The owner says his products are halaal. Allah knows best.
    To my knowledge, Swakopmond abattoir is NOT HALAAL. Can anyone please verify?

    1. Swakopmond abattoir is Not Halal, But Muslim’s go there an slaughter there meat themselves.
      That’s why Aladdin is Halal, he cut his meat there as per i got the information from him.

    2. Slmz. There is ham in his hawaain pizza yet he says the menu is fully halal. So confusing

  3. Contact the NHT it’s the Halaal body in Namibia brother Ahmed is the person

      1. Asalaam alykum. Halaal food is hard to come by here im Windhoek or Walvis Bay. Hungry Lion website claim to be halaal. Vegetarian diet is safest.

  4. Assalamualaikum,
    I live in Namibia and I can confirm that Hungry Lion is NOT halaal and Fishaways as well, they fry russians in the same oil as everything else.
    Bibi’s Halaal Takeway has closed down a long time ago.
    There is a pakistani takeaway in Khomasdal, it’s called KK Halaal Kitchen.
    And yes, unfortunately there is doubt on Aladdins takeaway.

    Hope this was helpful.

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